Starlight Dance Academy | Dress Code/Policies
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Dress Code/Policies

Children’s Dress Code

source site Tiny Tots/Level I: Pink or Black Leotard and tights.  Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.

go to link Minis/Level II &III: Pink or Black Leotard, pink or black tights.  Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes. Petites, Juniors & Seniors: Dancers’ choice.  Dance attire required (Leotards, camisole tank tops, jazz pants or boy shorts). Tan jazz, tap and foot undeez (lyrical). Ballet: Black leotard and pink tights, hair in a neat bun.  (split sole ballet shoes preferred)

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knallerfrauen flirten wie ein profi Hair to be pulled back in a ponytail or bun. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside of the dance studio.

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*Dance Shoes and clothing can be purchased through Starlight Dance Academy, (use code TP 63524 for 10% discount at check out) or for a list of class dress codes and approved shoes (search log in: Starlight Dance Academy, Ojai and use pass code: starlight93023)

buy discount levitra SDA POLICIES:

buy penegra zydus ·       Parent to sign child in at drop off.

ginseng kianpi pil buy ·       Adult must sign in at each class.

·       Students to adhere to dress code.

·       site de rencontres 65 Parents and family members to remain in studio for the first/last 10 minutes of class only. (full observation days: last week of every month)

·       No gum, food, drinks in studio – with the exception of water.

·       Dance shoes are not to be worn outside the studio.

·       Tuition is due the first week of the month. There is a $10 late fee after the 10th of the month.  Tuition is based on the entire session.  You must notify the studio owners verbally or in writing when dropping a class.  Otherwise, you will be responsible for the entire session payment.

·       “make-ups” must first be approved by the directors of SDA.  Please call to make arrangements for missed classes.